Current Exhibitions

Poster for the exhibition Hackney 300,000 BC. A painting depicts an ancient landscape with animals such as hyenas and straight-tusked elephants.

Hackney 300,000 BC: Meet the Neanderthal neighbours and curious creatures of the borough’s Old Stone Age

This exhibition explores a distant past, when Hackney was like an African savannah and huge beasts roamed the landscape.

Get hands on with objects hundreds of thousands of years old, and learn about the mysterious now extinct humans who made them, the Neanderthals.

Find out why Hackney is one of the most important archaeological sites from the Old Stone Age (Palaeolithic) in Britain, and the stories of the eccentric characters who led to its rediscovery.

31 January – 22 July 2023

This project is funded by the Royal Society’s Places of Science scheme and supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.