Current Exhibition

Movers, Shakers & Community Makers
African heritage influencers in Hackney

This display explores how African heritage individuals have shaped Hackney to be the borough it is today.

Using objects, photographs, and personal experiences from Hackney Museum’s collection, this display shares the stories of people who have influenced local life through their actions.

Until 7 January 2023

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Image of Photograph (black and white)
Inside the sale shop at Burberry, 1993 © Sarah Ainslie.

Faces Behind the Fashions
Hackney and the Garment Trade

For most of the 20th century, Hackney was central to the UK’s garment making industry.

This display shares stories about the people behind the garment making industry in Hackney. Photographs, pamphlets, illustrations and portfolios on display reveal the histories of people behind the trade.

Until 20 February 2023

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Coming soon

Image of Elephant tooth
Fossil of elephant molar tooth. Found on Evering Road, next to Rectory Road station.

Hackney 300,000 BC: Meet the Neanderthal neighbours and curious creatures of the borough’s Old Stone Age

This exhibition will allow you to get hands on with objects hundreds of thousands of years old, and explore the world of the mysterious people who made them. Learn about the animals they lived amongst, including the world’s largest ever land mammal, the straight-tusked elephant. And learn the stories of the eccentric figures who rediscovered this rich history in the borough.

Opens February 2023