KS2 Learning Resources

Island to Island

A set of 3 resources which explore the journey of the Windrush Generation

African & Caribbean Hair and Fashion

Learn more about the history and impact of African and Caribbean style and hair in Hackney

Black British Writing & Art in Hackney

Discover the importance of Black British arts and activism in Hackney

Being African in Hackney

Be inspired by poet Theresa Lola, as she takes you through our ‘Being African in Hackney’ exhibition

Our African Roots

Be inspired by conversations with people of African heritage in Hackney

African Threads

Explore the relationships between textiles, Africa and Hackney, in the past and present

African & Caribbean Music

Discover personal stories behind the history of African and Caribbean music in Hackney

Windrush in Hackney Museum’s collections

Discover objects and oral histories from the Windrush Generation in Hackney Museum’s collections

Hackney as a Safe Haven

Explore the real stories of people who have left their home and moved to Hackney for safety

A Journey through Hackney’s African & Caribbean History

Journey through Hackney’s African & Caribbean history with spoken word artist Bad Lay-Dee

Hackney in the 1980s
photo of children playing in the street

A collection of photographs detailing community organising, campaigns and protests in 1980s Hackney

Living Under One Roof

This film tells the stories of those who left their home countries in the Caribbean to move to the UK in the 1950s & 1960s