Suitcase Stories

How has Hackney changed over time?

Find out about how Hackney has changed over time and uncover the stories of different people who have moved to Hackney by exploring their suitcases.

Touching on a wide range of topics, including Georgians, Victorians, World War II Hackney and the Windrush Generation, this session makes a great start or finish to a local history study. Pupils become history detectives, looking through suitcases to find clues that will help them discover whose story each suitcase tells.

KS1 [this is also available for KS2]
90 mins

What Hackney teachers have said:
“It was thoroughly enjoyable and I know it will stick in the minds of my class in the months ahead as we continue their first forays into the study of history.”

“It was really nice to have reflection time after where children were able to think about their own families and when/why they settled in Hackney. Thank you!”