Key Stage 2

Suitcase Stories

Find out about how Hackney has changed over time and uncover the stories of different people who have moved to Hackney by exploring their suitcases

Windrush & Beyond

Find out about the experiences of those who moved to Hackney as part of the Windrush Generation

Hackney War Stories

Explore the real life stories of local people who were affected by the Second World War through object handling and creative writing

Stone Age Hackney

Get hands on with Stone Age objects and explores the lives of people living in the Stone Age

Strike a Light

Find out more about the lives of women working in Victorian London

Hackney as a Safe Haven

Explores the real life experiences of those who have arrived into Hackney seeking safety

St Augustine’s Tower

Explore Hackney’s oldest building and see how Hackney transformed from a village to the borough it is today

Virtual Stone Age Hackney

Spend a day in the life of a Stone Age person and learn about what Hackney would have looked like in Stone Age

Virtual Windrush & Beyond

Learn about real people who made the journey to Britain through oral history interviews

Virtual Hackney War Stories

Uncover what happened to Hackney during the Second World War by looking at primary sources