Hackney Museum privacy notice

This privacy notice sits beneath Hackney Council’s top level privacy notice and provides information about what personal data is collected and used by Hackney Museum.

Why do we collect data?

To help Hackney Museum manage our collections and make them, and the information about them, publicly accessible. To document projects and activities.

What legally allows us to collect your data?

‘Archiving in the public interest’ is a legitimate interest provision to use or process personal data to secure the permanent availability of recorded memory. In other words, evidence and information to help us understand history.

Examples include:

  • enabling research, including academic, historical or genealogical research
  • enabling long-term accountability, such as public inquiries and other official investigations
  • enabling the discovery and availability of personal, community and corporate identity, memory and history
  • enabling educational use
  • enabling commercial and non-commercial re-use

What data do we collect?

  • name
  • date and place of birth
  • address and contact details
  • school or group associations
  • personal biography details to inform the donation
  • personal biography details from an interview

Where we share your data

Here are some of the ways the personal information you provide will be used by Hackney Museum:

  • research, publications, broadcast, marketing, education and events
  • managing custody of our collections including intellectual property rights
  • to display and inform collections (physically and digitally and on all platforms now known or hereafter devised)
  • processing enquiries and requests for information

How long we keep your data for

In perpetuity for museum collections management best practice. For non-collections related data, as outlined on consent forms and in-line with Hackney Council’s top level privacy notice.

Your rights

Please see Hackney Council’s main privacy notice for more details on your rights