Museum learning

Please note that some of the programmes on this page are not currently running at the museum.

To enquire about future bookings, please email

Free led workshops for local schools

Local history comes to life at Hackney Museum and Hackney Archives. We offer free learning sessions on a variety of subjects for local primary schools. Our sessions use maps, objects, stories and migration suitcases to unlock the rich history of our local area and the experiences of people who have settled in Hackney over time.

We offer:

Please note: following government advice, we are currently not taking bookings for workshops at the museum.

However, we are offering virtual workshops, adapted from the workshops that usually run at the museum. For more information please email

In classroom resources

Over the years, Hackney Museum has created many local history resources, in consultation with local teachers. These are designed to be used in the classroom, and cover a range of topics, including African and Caribbean history in the local area, and local area guides, aimed at (or adaptable for) KS1-KS4.

Hackney history from home: activities for primary school pupils and toddlers

We have worked with local teachers to design some activities for KS1 and KS2 pupils and their families to do at home, inspired by Hackney Museum’s collections and previous exhibitions:

Hackney Museum at home

Hackney history at home: Refugee Week 2020 – this worksheet has been inspired by Hackney Museum’s collections and the real stories of people who have left their home and moved to Hackney for safety. Pupils will learn about these stories, consider their feelings about them and the role they play in welcoming people to Hackney

Hackney history at home: Windrush Day 2020 – this worksheet has been designed to encourage pupils to explore objects and interviews in Hackney Museum’s collections with reference to Windrush. Pupils will consider what the collections can tell us about the experiences of the Windrush Generation, and will consider the importance of celebrating Windrush Day

Children, parents, carers and teachers, we’d love to see what you come up with, and hear your feedback on these resources – please email us at or find us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Hackney Archives at home

These resources have been designed to show how Hackney has changed over time using photographs held at our archives.


With support from Morningside Children’s Centre, we have also designed simple and sensory activities for toddlers, based on the Museum’s collections: home learning activities for toddlers.

Hackney Museum's workshops from home

These resources have been adapted from the workshops that we run for schools at Hackney Museum, and have been designed to be done either at home or at school.

Stone Age Hackney

Hackney War Stories

Secondary schools

Structured self-led visits

The Museum worked with History PGCE student Chloe Rodgerson to design a series of workshop plans, based around a visit to Hackney Museum and centred on the enquiry question: ‘How can we explain the diversity of Hackney?’.

We’d love to find new ways to work with secondary schools. If you work at a Hackney secondary school and would like to get in touch with us to discuss a project, please email

Adult learning

Hackney Museum works in partnership with Hackney Learning Trust, community organisations and individuals to create exciting opportunities for adults to learn from our rich collections and displays about migration to Hackney.

English for speakers of other languages

We work in partnership with curriculum managers in Hackney Learning Trust to develop courses where ESOL learners use Hackney Museum to enrich their learning of the English language.

For tutors wishing to make an informal visit to the Museum we provide resources for ESOL. For Hackney residents looking to learn English visit the  ESOL Advice Service where you will find help and support.

Advance UK

A weekly, creative workshop for people with learning disabilities and their families and carers, inspired by the museum and organised in collaboration with Advance UK.

Sometimes, special guest artists help run workshops, sharing their skills and expertise with the group, such as Sunara Begum, who said, “It was such a great experience to share our work as artists with such an active, engaging and creative group of individuals.”

“They were all so highly receptive and open to new ideas and new possibilities. Keep on doing what you do.”

To find out more about joining, as a participant or guest artist, please email



Xenia builds relationships between migrant women and English-speaking women in Hackney to form a more understanding, kind and hospitable community.

Xenia women meet every Saturday morning from 10am at Hackney Museum. Follow @xeniawomen for the latest updates and see our events page for forthcoming sessions.