Reimagining Hackney Museum

About the Project

Hackney Council has secured funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to develop ambitious plans to transform and reimagine Hackney Museum.

These plans for major improvements include a new permanent exhibition sharing stories of migration and settlement from prehistory to modern day, a redeveloped community room, an improved shop, additional storage space for collections and enhanced digital activities so more people can access Hackney’s rich histories. This work will allow Museum staff to work with residents in new and interesting ways to engage them with the museum’s collections and local histories.

During this planning phase (2023-2024) Museum staff will be working with local communities to shape proposals for the new museum’s displays and services.

This project is funded by a generous grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Hackney Council.

Five key strands

Knowledge Gurus

Older people in the borough have rich lived experiences of the local area over the last 50 years. We are keen to learn more about their stories and to find ways for them to help us learn more about our collections in a friendly and social environment.

If you are aged 55+ years or run groups or services for this group, and would like to find out more about this pilot programme, please email us at

Young Curators

14-18 year olds live in a fast changing world and we would like to co-design a programme to enable them to delve into the histories of their local area and use our collections to share stories about Hackney past and present. In this Young Curators programme participants will be supported to create a temporary exhibition at Hackney Museum and plan public events around their chosen subject.

If you are aged 14-18 years old or run groups or services for this group and would like to find out more about this pilot programme, please email us at

Bright Stars

Young children love our boat and bus in Hackney Museum! But not all parents and carers know about the museum or what we offer. To improve this, we will be working with groups who don’t visit the museum to understand what we can do to encourage them to visit us. If you would like to find out about activities for children at Hackney Museum, please sign-up to our mailing list.

Community Conversations

What should our next temporary exhibition be about? We want to create a programme where community groups can submit proposals which are reviewed by an advisory panel made up of local residents and they select one proposal for Museum staff to support and develop into a temporary exhibition.

The role of the advisory panel will be to support us to discover and champion hidden and under-represented local histories and share these through an annual temporary exhibition.

More information about this pilot programme will be available shortly.

Consultation & Engagement

There will be various consultation and engagement activities to help us ensure our developing plans meet the needs of current and future residents.

The final plans for the new museum will be submitted to the National Lottery Heritage Fund in 2024 and if approved, we will receive funding to realise them during 2025-2028.