Community Advisory Panel

Hackney Museum has set up a new community advisory panel to help us shape our temporary exhibitions programme in the community gallery.

What is the Community Advisory Panel?

The community advisory panel is new. It is a group of up to 15 people from a range of backgrounds, ages and experiences.It will help the museum decide what temporary exhibitions will happen in the museum’s community gallery. 

The panel members:

  • Reflect a cross-section of people who live, work or study in Hackney
  • Bring different local perspectives, experiences and connections to the panel

What will the panel do?

  • It will meet at least 2 times a year to talk about the temporary exhibition programme in the community gallery at Hackney Museum. These meetings may take place in the museum or online, depending on what the people on the panel would prefer. 
  • The dates and times of the meetings will be decided by the panel members, but will need to be agreed by the museum.
  • The meetings will be overseen by a member of Hackney Museum staff. 
  • As the panel is new, members will help to decide how the panel will work, and how the decisions about the temporary exhibitions will be made. 

What will panel members do?

Panel members will need to:

  • Attend at least 2 meetings a year, either online or in person.
  • Read documents sent in advance of meetings
  • Actively contribute to constructive discussion at meetings
  • Attend a maximum of 2 training events a year.

( If meetings and/or training events take place in person we will pay expenses and provide refreshments.)

  • Be involved with the panel for 2 years

How will the panel help the museum?

  • It will help us fully represent the stories of Hackney in our temporary exhibitions in the community gallery.

What will panel members get out of being involved? 

  • They will be able to contribute to temporary exhibition plans.
  • They will bring community voices to the museum.
  • They will acquire new skills.
  • They will gain museum-based experience.
  • They will meet new people.

This programme is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.